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Quilts to See

September 2, 2011

Here are some pictures of quilts that I saw at a show in August, 2011.  There weren’t too many that caught my eye this year, so it’s a short slideshow.  Mostly I take pictures of the ones that I find inspiring and unique. 



Since I go to this every few years, I searched around on my computer and found a bunch of other pictures and made them into a slide show also.  Here’s some from 2006:



Putting up old pictures while I’m cleaning my workspace.  I have so many UFOs around here and stashes of yarn that I’m dying to get to for some single-skein projects.  I need to do some serious organizing.

Been inspired lately?  Productive?


  1. Yesterday I moved one little set of drawers from one place to another and ended up spending hours rearranging stuff! I felt silly afterwards as nothing really changed. My stuff are just in different places that's all and it was a lot of work. I really like the first quilt in the first video. The one with circles and little running stitches. I adore running stitches. The quilt with swans preparing to fly - I immediately thought Japanese because of the colours and I was right. I love blue and white but oddly I've always found it hard to find really good quality dark blue fabric in Singapore.

  2. I loved the running stitches, too Jane! And I never did finish cleaning up around here, just going to keep hacking at it as I can. Wondering if you ever tried dyeing fabric yourself?

  3. Dearest sweet tammy, these quits are soo beautiful and very inspiring! Love to you!


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