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Multi-Crafting or Unfocused?

September 9, 2011
How many things can I do at once and still be productive?  Not sure.  I seem to be testing my limits this summer.  Forget about housework, family, part-time work, etc… I seem to be crafting all over the place lately. 
Still working on the handbag, finishing a teddy bear for a friend who needed help (picture below), thinking of joining this September Stitch-along (isn’t that pattern adorable?), thinking of some knit & crochet holiday gifts; a knit sweater for myself started back in June; a half dozen other handbags that I have fabric laid out for and have been thinking of all summer; and wanting to make some items for sale: fingerless mittens for fall; Halloween amigurumi – just got some cute ideas yesterday and itching to get started; Christmas ornaments to knit and sew.
tamdoll teddy bear in progress
Yeah, I have a lot on my mind.  Not sure if it’s going to all drive me crazy, I’m going to get organized! 
I’m going to sit down this morning and write out all the things I want to accomplish.  At the start of the year I had a calendar with months laid out and projects I wanted to start during each season.  It worked well for a while, especially when I had a slump and didn’t have anything in progress – I had a chart to look at and goals to aim for.   It got very scribbled on and messy… this is something I’m going to have to rework.  Two calendars next time – ideas and goals. 
Now, I’m looking at a 4-month plan.  I’ll have some deadline dates for the seasonal projects, try to organize the others somehow.  
Going to work on this, and will write about my organizing this weekend. Do you take on a lot of projects at once?  How do you stay organized?


  1. Me hubs has the ability to watch a movie on the net and read some articles on another webpage at the same time. I can't do that ever. It's so disrupting. As for my projects, if I have too many in-progress at once, I know most of them will end up in drawers never to be found till a year later. So I make sure I finish everything I start. And because I sell at craft markets, I really need the discipline or I'll have nothing to sell. It's happened to some folks I know. A bare table will not attract buyers.

  2. Jane, it's good that you're so disciplined! When I have prepared for craft shows, that has been very motivating for me... otherwise I need something else to push me to finish a project. Once I start something and come up with a new idea, I tend to lose interest - yes, I have a lot of half-completed projects around here!


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