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EtsyBloggers Carnival – Fall

September 16, 2011

I’ve been so neglectful of the teams I’m on, jumping back into the swing of things with this fall carnival.  EtsyBloggers team members have answered 1 or more of these questions:

1) Do you have a favorite fall recipe? 

2) Have you been working on any new fall designs? 

You can read all their entries at EtsyBloggers Team: EtsyBlogger Carnival: Fall.   Randomcreative is hosting this month, stop by and see what everyone is writing about!

1) Here is a favorite fall recipe I’ve been making since 1999 without fail, delicious results each time (click for larger view): 

thanksgiving bread recipe


2) And here is a project I’ve been attempting… a little Halloween amigurumi cat.  I still need to finesse it, not thrilled with how he looks so far – but working on it:

Halloween Ami Cat by Tamdoll


I didn’t realize the week had passed so quickly!!! Lots of projects to photograph and get blogged about soon.


  1. Yum! I'm not ready for fall yet, but I'm ready for Thanksgiving food :)
    Your kitty is cute...love his eyes :)

  2. Oh I am definitely going to bake this bread! The addition of cranberries just tops it off! And your kitty is a cutie!

  3. LOVE that recipe! But Thanksgiving?? Too soon! Halloween first.
    And speaking of Halloween: that cat is adorable. Are those suncatcher eyes (from Etsy)? I just purchased some for my daughter and her friends. We're making Pygmy Puffs from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Let me know if you like them.

  4. cutie cat! And the bread sounds delicious! I don't like cranberry to much, but I'm sure I could leave it out... {:-D

  5. The recipe sounds great! Love the kitty, too.

  6. The bread recipe sounds like so much work. I'm really a lazy cook and would prefer to buy my bread. Do you know how I cook my pumpkin? I steam them and just eat them without any sauce. That's how lazy I am. Besides I really don't have the time to spare due to my bag-making. The cat looks cute already.

  7. Dearest sweet tammy, it's so good to know you are slowly getting back into the swing of things. Your fall recepe looks so yummie and your Halloween amigurumi cat is really adorable. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and happy monday! Love to you!

  8. I let out such a loud giggle when the cat image popped up I made my sweetie jump!

    I LOVE your Cat! Awesome! AWESOME! I would proclaim your "attempt" a huge success!

    Your recipe for Thanksgiving bread seems quite similar to the Harvest Bread I make for Diane every year - except we also put a few pecans and chocolate chips in with the cranberries! It is her favorite and I have figured out how to make it nearly sugar free so she can eat as much as she likes.

    Try yours with chips - I think you will like it - especially while still slightly warm and the chips still melty. (Or pop in the micro for 10 sec.to get them melty again)

  9. The bread sounds delicious! (I just made pumpkin biscuits.) Your kitty is so cute!


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