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Returning from Vacation

August 14, 2011

I’m mostly back from my vacation, (physically, I’m here,  mentally is another story…)  I need to catch up on sleep and get organized once again.

tamdoll Vacation 2011

I tried to relax during our trip, but really we did so much sight seeing in CA, that there wasn’t much time for rest!  Here’s a photo of my crochet-in-progress one morning while I waited for everyone to get ready for the day.  (I actually finished it last night and will have photos of the completed shrug in a day or so.)

Want to see some pictures?  There were lots of animals to see, some movie stars, and patterns that caught my eye.  You can see some here at my flickr account:

tamdoll CA 2011 

One other set of pictures that I started uploading were “faces”… it’s a little odd, but since I take a lot of these, I figured I’d put it somewhere.  I have a lot more to put online, just have to take the time to do it one of these days:

tamdoll pictures

Going to focus my crafting on the future now, going to take this seriously and get down to work each day like it’s my job.  I think that’s the only way I’ll be more productive.  Any thoughts on vacation, renewal and crafting-as-work?  Or just want to comment on my pictures?   (You can do that at the flickr site, too.)


  1. The zoo looks a lot like the one in Singapore. Animals are kept in enclosure and not cages. We have a night safari too where you take a tram and you can see the animals up close. I saw a few socket inanimate faces at the red dot museum but didn't think to photograph them. And it took me a long time to see the bird but I finally saw it.

  2. Dearest sweet tammy, welcome home!!! Sounds like a really wonderful vacation! I am looking forward to see what you will be making soon! Rest well and have a lovely merry happy week! Love to you!

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  4. Dearest sweet tammy, came by to have a cup of sunday morning coffee with you. I hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start! Love to you!

  5. I went to San Diego in June. It was great. Short visit...museums closed at Balboa Park...darn! Did get ot see the quilt museum.


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