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New Handbag Progress

August 28, 2011

tamdoll rapunzel bag

New quilted bag coming soon.  Here’s a little photo detail…. I’ve been piecing this slowly and only working on it about 30 minutes each day – if I had more time to myself during the daytime I’d have it done already.  (Never thought that teenagers would take so much of my summer hours – I haven’t had time to craft let alone blog about any of it!) 

It’s been a fun project, as it progresses I’ve added different elements.  Learned how to make my own bias tape and created my own piping with it; that’ll coordinate with the green handles that I found for this crazy mix of fabrics.  (Which have been in a bag in my stash since I picked them up at PurlSoho last summer!

Tonight and tomorrow I’ll be hand-stitching some inside seam-binding down.  I used to dislike sewing by hand – why complicate things when a sewing machine is so much quicker?  Why add hours (and thus raise the price) when it might not be appreciated?  Well, I’ve found two things-  sometimes doing it by hand is just necessary to finish something off nicely, so it’s worth the time.  And, it’s not really a chore, it’s even relaxing. 

So, tomorrow, if the weather is nice, I’ll be picking up branches from Hurricane Irene’s aftermath and doing some quiet stitching when I need a break.


  1. The in-progress bag looks promising. I sew my binding down by hand too. It's so much neater. I've never been able to do it well with a sewing machine.

  2. Dearest sweet tammy, so happy to see a new post here! I've been visiting and waiting. :) You work in progress bag looks wonderful so far! I love all the different fabrics you used and making your own bias tape is just the best ~ i really enjoy the process. :) I also adore hand-stitching lots too eventho it's a slow process. So glad you and your family are safe from Hurricane Irene. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Have a lovely merry happy beautiful week ahead. Love to you!


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