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July 11, 2011

It’s summertime and I have been lax in blogging, my kids have been keeping me busy and I had some company.  I’ve been feeling the tug to come back here and share things – I’ve frogged a sweater, finished a crochet baby dress, made a new handbag for sale … among other things… but blogging has fallen by the wayside.  I just can’t seem to do it all.  I can’t!  I admit it. 

For now, here’s a clip of some photos strung together of my nephew doing some weaving.  Thanks so much to Pam at Gingerbreadsnowflakes for her Saori Weaving inspiration and how-to!!


It was nice to see my sister and her kids who live so far away.  While they were here, we also took a visit to the SEE Science Center in Manchester, NH to see the LEGO® Millyard Project - the largest permanent LEGO® installation at minifigure scale in the world:

Lego┬« Millyard 

If you click the link you can see a few details of the project, including some of my favorite pictures – you won’t believe how intricate some of it is!

I will do my best to update here at least once a week… I still will put knit and crochet projects at Ravelry, other pictures at Flickr, and shop updates (local and etsy) at Facebook


  1. My kids would have loved the lego exhibition a couple of years ago. They were so into lego that we have spent a fortune on them. I esp like the drain with real water coming out.

  2. It was so much bigger than I expected it to be and the details were all adorable. My girls weren't crazy about it, but my 8 yr. old nephew loved it!

  3. I can not believe you made this little video! And then shared it!

    You have made my heart happy to know that you have actually shared this activity with your nephew! And I get to actually see him weaving!

    Thank you Tammy so much. For the links and for the video. YOU made my day!

    I totally hear you, my friend - "can't seem to do it all". You are one of the BEST commentors out there and quality comments take time and thought and ... TIME.

    I know all too well. I mean - just how often do you get a "timely" comment from me? Always late.

    Take all the time you need to relax and recharge! Now is the best time! Christmas is coming sooner than you think! :-)

  4. Oh wow....that is so intricately detailed!


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