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Zombie Lite

June 5, 2011

This weekend I’ll be celebrating at a wedding with a very special couple.  About a year ago they asked if I could make a wedding topper for them…. a zombie wedding topper…

I couldn’t make it too gross, or have them decayed or baring teeth, so I’m calling this “zombie lite”:

Tamdoll Zombie Wedding Topper

So, I’ve been crafting, just couldn’t show this until the wedding came around.  A tutorial may be in the works for this one, depending on whether anyone is interested or not.

And yes, that’s his arm she’s holding (by request).


  1. Do you take this man whose arm you have chewed off to be your lawfully wedded husband till death or zombie-ness do you part?

    I'm guessing the recepient of this gift is a couple with a great sense of humour. Great job. Esp love the "blood" all over the bride's smeared lips.

  2. Oh my this sure looks scary!!

  3. Very cute! The splashes of blood on the flower trellis thing are the perfect finishing touch!

  4. Thanks all!! I was definitely creeped out when I was making it, even though I love horror movies, making my own scary stuff was a unique experience!


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