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One More Zombie

June 8, 2011

First it was the zombie wedding topper, then the cute zombies, and now this picture I found in Gyo Fujikawa's A to Z Picture Book.  I couldn’t resist putting this up here, I think it’s adorable that it’s in a children’s book:

z is for zombie

I hear there’s a zombie walk going on in Manchester this Saturday…. if I go downtown I’ll be sure to get pictures of that, too.  Have you ever gone to a zombie event?


  1. You know when I taught my kids A to Z, I never remembered Z for Zombie!

  2. that's the cutest zombie-related thing I've ever seen! My daughter's been watching the Disney channel and some Halloweentown High School show. Yup, zombies co-mingling with vampires and such. (Can you believe it??)
    Thanks for the reminder that zombies can be cute after all...

  3. I never would have said "Z" for zombie when my kids were little... but I do blame my (since childhood) vampire fascination with the Count on Sesame Street!

    Thanks guys for stopping by and Teena, thanks for noticing my blogoversary!!


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