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June 24, 2011
I’ve had two discoveries or surprises (in my crafting life) so far this month.  The first one, was that I was chosen as the EtsyBloggers featured member! Yay.  It means I get showered with attention, making me so happy and appreciative.  First blog that I saw was Linda at Pruitt Handcrafts and her post: Unique, unique, unique!  Thank you all!

The second discovery was that sometimes making do with what you have just isn’t good enough.  For a long time I’ve been doing my free motion quilting with gardening gloves to help me get a grip on the fabric:Tamdoll Quilts with Gardening Gloves

I thought I was being thrifty using these, but lately I noticed that my hands were cramping up and they weren’t any huge improvement from my bare hands.  And it was a little freaky to look at as you can see in the picture.

So…. I picked up a pair of Machine Quilting Grip Gloves - they are fantastic.  
Tamdoll's Machine Quilting Gloves

I love how they’re fitted, soft and have grippy things all over them.  I enjoyed sewing much more with them and now maybe I’ll get to finish this new handbag I’ve been working on!

Have any discoveries or surprises lately?


  1. With the gardening gloves, it's like you're an astronaut in outer space! Congrats on being the chosen one in etsyblogger.

  2. First of all - congratulations! Your shop is really lovely - too much tempting stuff - an you definitely deserve the recognition.

    You are also one of the hardest working shop owners - I don't know how you do all you do.

    And look at you and your new gloves!I am thinking they will make a huge difference! Didn't even know they existed - but as you know - I know nothing about everything!

    My big adventure this week - finally finished making the pattern for my 18" high 3-D stuffed Dala - I think! Discovery = I have more determination than know-how!:-)

  3. Dearest sweet tammy, yipee and horray on your featured! Congratz!! Oh my that gardening glove is an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  4. Congratulations on being chosen as our etsyblogger of the month! I look forward to writing about you and your work!
    The right tools make all the difference in the world!

  5. Congrats on being Etsyblogger of the month! So, so wonderful.
    Now those gloves. I feel like I can use gloves like those for other crafty things. My hands get dry and I lose my grip. I tried lots of creams, but sometimes the creams get on the material I use (which is usually paper). I may get a pair. And then we can match!

  6. I know the feeling: "what you have is not good enough!" It's been a 'make do' life for me for a lot of years! (because of such a large family to support! But now, I need and want a new sewing machine--Mine is nearly thirty years old! But make do, I will do, for a little longer, because machines are expensive!

  7. We saw ten pair of gardening gloves for $5 in Kensington Market yesterday ... seems like a great deal!


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