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Beaded Bracelet Success

May 16, 2011

I’ve always wanted one of these crazy bracelets that have tons of beads and texture all over them. 

Tamdoll Beads

I’m not a big fan of beading… but there’s a story to this. Sort of.  When I used to make dolls, I would embellish dragon wings, mermaid tails, bodies, etc. with beads.  I tried making some wire/jewelry long ago, without much success… so I just stick to beading on fabric projects & that’s worked out well.  Fabric love + shiny beads = unique projects!

A friend of mine lives a few hours away and she’s taken up beading.  Lately, when we plan to meet, we look for a central location & we’ve been on the search for a bead shop where we can sit and create something while we catch up on our visit.  Last week, this is what we did, and when I saw a store sample similar to the bracelet that I’ve always wanted, I knew I had to finally make one. 

There it is.  I had the flower beads already with me, so I just had to buy the extra supplies and directions.  A few hours later I had this beauty!  I am so happy!  There will be more beading for me in the future!

Tori at Castleander Beads was so patient, it will be fun to go there again.

I tried making a ring after this bracelet success and it was a disaster… Do you ever have a “one hit [crafting] wonder”?    Something that came out great but you’ve never been able to duplicate?


  1. Your flower-flower bracelet is so pretty. Which technique (stitch) did you use?

  2. I am going to write exactly what came out of my mouth when this image of your bracelet appeared on my screen

    "Oh my God that is beautiful."

    Good for you! Don't stop! The ring may be a fluke. You have talent and an eye. Make more!

    And thank you for sharing. It really is very, very pretty.

  3. That's really pretty, Tammy! Careful, I think you may have found a new obsession. We'll all be the better for it though! : )


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