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A Surprise in the Garden

April 7, 2011

Tamdoll's yard

Looked out my front door and saw a patch of purple in the yard.  What a surprise!  Got up close to get a picture.  Yes, that’s a pile of snow in the background.  It’ll be a while before that all melts away.


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Spring!

  2. Cool. The contrast is so striking.

  3. It's still snowing where you live?!! Beautiful flowers. I wonder what they're called.

  4. It hasn’t snowed here in a week, but the piles of snow are still on the ground. I don’t think it will thaw out for another month, at least. I’m pretty sure the flowers are crocus. I planted bulbs of them a long time ago and they come up, surprising me each year. It's a welcome surprise for sure!

  5. I can only say wow. A very nice picture, i like these flowers a lot. In my country still snowing unfortunately,


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