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Juice Carton Coin Purse

April 4, 2011

 Tamdoll's Juice Carton Wallet 

A cute, clever project.  My favorite part – just cutting and folding, no glue needed!

Tamdoll's Juice Carton Wallet

Thanks to Carole Ann of Connect the Dots and her tutorial, I will no longer be throwing juice and milk cartons into the recycling bin.

Tamdoll's CraftFail



Failed project posted here:


  1. Love this! I make these coin purses, though slightly different. It's easy and doesn't require anything more than a juice carton and a craft knife.

  2. Hello friend. Wow - this is clever and very different. I love that you dabble in so many different mediums...a girl after my own heart.

    p.s. loved the reversable bag. On my list of things to try.


  3. Looks great! Thanks for the shout out!


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