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I’ve Been Tagged

April 16, 2011

I’ve been tagged… and I wouldn’t have done this if it hadn’t come from Jane and been pretty unique.  As she puts it: “In case you're not familiar with this game, what it means is if you want to play along you just have to answer a few zillion questions. But for this handwriting version, you have to write your answers in long hand.”

I usually throw out chain letters, delete those emails that tell you to forward to 20 people and ignore requests like this most of the time.  But here it is – it took me only a few minutes, answering off the top of my head the best I could, and I’m NOT forwarding it on:

These are the questions.....
1. What's your name/Blogger name?
2. What's your blogs name/URL?
3. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
4. Favorite quote?
5. Favorite song?
6. Favorite bands/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag 3 - 5 people.

Tamdoll was Tagged

On that last, anti-social note… if you’d like to participate, please do!  It certainly took longer for me to digitize this handwritten page than it did to answer the questions.  Now you can all see my odd half-script, half-print handwriting.

Are you going to play along?  Leave a comment with your blog post link, please. 

I didn’t exactly play by the rules (#8), and a (#5) didn’t pop into my mind quick enough.  This is my one and only tag/meme post for 2011!  There certainly is a love-hate relationship with tagging on the internet. 

Tamdoll's Workspace

As I’m looking over this post, I wonder, what does our handwriting say about us?  I once had a job where my boss insisted I hand-write cover-letters to faxes overseas.  He knew the people in the home office appreciate the personal touch and I always made sure to do that.  Do you take the time to handwrite nowadays?

Thanks Jane! this was interesting and not too painful. 


  1. I knew you would play along. It's a rare chance to show off our handwriting in the internet world! One reason I tagged you is because I wanted to see your handwriting. It is cute esp your "l". Are you a leftie? You "bubble" your "i"s too.

  2. Thanks Jane. I don't know how my handwriting got like this - I'm a righty - once in high school I had a teacher comment about bubbled "i"'s and since then I've been doing it. Wanted to be rebellious at the time & it just stuck.

    So, now I'm wondering if folks aren't reading blogs over the weekend, or if they're just being silent and not wanting to participate.

    A left-handed writing prompt would have been interesting, too!


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