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EtsyBloggers Carnival – the Public Library

April 11, 2011

StoryBeader is the host for this week’s EtsyBlogger Carnival.

Did you know the first Public Library (in the US) opened on April 9th, 1833 in New Hampshire? 
1) what fond memories do you have of your public library and reading?
2) Peterborough is the town where the first public library opened.  What's your town known for?  Show us around!

I love libraries, love to read.  Growing up in a small apartment, in a house of voracious readers, I was a frequent visitor to the library.  What’s not to love about libraries?  Knowledge, adventure and escape to new worlds are only pages away, and all for free! 

Growing up in Brooklyn, I remember the stacks of books and the rotating mini art exhibits they held in the front room.  As I got older, I made sure to get a library card at every town that I lived or worked in.  I still have a ticket stub from when I saw the Dead Sea Scrolls at the NY Public Library in 1994.  When I was in college, I loved to browse through the art books and ancient cookbooks that the university had on campus (preparing Chicken Marengo and my first taste of tarragon is embedded in a library memory … didn’t use the library much for studying though…) Even with all those stacks, I always sought out local libraries and their cozy chairs and quiet corners.

Here’s the public library in the town that I live in now, taken about 100 years ago:

Goffstown Public LibraryIt really doesn’t look very different today – there has been an addition of a 3rd floor, but since the building is on the National Register of Historic Places, the addition was put on in keeping with the original design. 

As soon as I could, I introduced my girls to the library and all they have to offer; now as teens they still make a habit of checking out books for leisure reading.  We even visit libraries when we’re on vacation – when they were little during children’s hour or to see exhibits on display.

Tamdoll Vacation August 2010 Mosaic on outside stairs of library in Saratoga Springs, NY, 2010 vacation

I’ve been the president of my local Friends of the Library group for about 9+ years now because I love the library so much. … But… this Wednesday night I’m having a meeting and I have to give it up.  I wish I could say that we had elections and someone new is willing to step forward, but they haven’t!  The Friends support the library, fundraise to buy discounted and free museum passes for patrons & so much more.  I’ve put it in the local news that we’re looking for active volunteers and I hope someone can take on this responsibility – future book sales depends on it!  After this long time, I’ve just run out of steam and have taken on some new volunteer jobs in town – the group deserves someone with more time and passion than I can give right now. 

I hope you have fond library memories!  Please share (or link to your post about a library in the comments.) 

Want to share book lists?  Join me on Goodreads – a great place to keep track of what I’ve read and looking forward to reading soon. 

“Libraries Change Lives” is the phrase that appears on our library book bags.  I’ve heard people mention that they’ve learned so much and felt safe in a library.  What do you think?


  1. I loved reading your post about your library memories and your current involvement! I hope your meeting goes well!!! It is funny because I wrote my entire post about my past involvement with libraries and didn't think to include more recent involvement. Books just seem like such a natural staple-- like food or water! Yet, also like a treasure too-- like fine food or wine.

    You can find my post on the blog carnival :-). Happy reading!

  2. What a very cool building your library is in!

  3. nice to see a historic photo of the library (my sister lives in Brooklyn!) Last week I worked at our public library's book sale - and of course I had to buy some books! I can see what a big job it is to be president. The woman who is president of our local Friends has been so for a long time. It's hard to let a good worker go... Thanks for participating in the Carnival, and sorry about the mix-up with the SimplyLinked! {:-D

  4. Oh I hope someone steps up! So good of you to put that time in as I know it's not often appreciated. Maybe HS seniors could do that as a project to get community service credits? That's something some of the schools are doing now which I think is great.

    Anyway, loved the photo of the old library and another memory for me - those rotating stacks!

  5. Singapore is really small but we have 24 public libraries spread out all over. The library also initiated a program where donated books are left at selected coffeeshops and anyone could just pick up a book, take it home to read and return another day. It's a Trust system.

  6. I love the idea of stopping into local libraries when on vacation! It's a great way to get an idea about the town you're visiting! Love that mosaic!

    My library post is on the carnival too, but in comments! (The linky gave me a bad time!)

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by!

    Jane, I love that idea - kind of like a 'guerilla reading' program. I keep thinking that next time I have a good book to donate, that instead of bringing it to the library, I should leave it on a park bench somewhere with a note to "enjoy this book".

    Now I have a lot of replying and reading to catch up on.


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