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Crochet Bunting

April 13, 2011

I finally took down the heart garland from my fireplace mantel and put up something new (link is from over a year ago, but I usually just have that one up from January through February).  My original plan was to make a vine with flowers and twine it all around, Tamdoll crochets Flowers

but got distracted making some crochet squares instead.Tamdoll Crochets Squares 

Perhaps I’ll revisit the flower idea soon, I’m not too crazy about the squares. I have to work on making them less wonky and I think I’m going to switch the crochet cord for some bias tape. 

Have you decorated your house with handmade lately?


  1. wow! u have a fireplace. I guess where u live must be cold. Is it a good idea to hang stuff so close to the fireplace? Or is your fireplace an "electrical one"? In Singapore, our fireplace is an air-conditioner in every bedroom!

  2. The squares look fine! At least on the picture they look cool, only you know how they feel :))

  3. Thanks for the feedback! Up close, they are a little crooked and the yarn is kind of limp - next time I will have to use something different.

    To tell you the truth, we don't use the fireplace, it doesn't heat the room much & it takes wood == smoke & soot. In case of losing power during a storm, I guess we can use it, but the room that it's in has a very high ceiling and all the heat escapes up there. Basically, we'd have to sit real close to use it's heat to stay warm. If I could do it again, I'd make sure we didn't have any high ceilings!

    If we ever use it for ambiance, I'd have to remove the bunting.

  4. I like your squares. Great for Spring! My house is not minimalist! There's things all over the place. And DH is not any better. The latest? We redid the tv room, and now lots of artwork hanging... {:-D


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