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A Week of Knit, Crochet and Bread Baking

March 20, 2011

Not really a whole week’s worth, just what was photo-worthy:

Knit moustache for a quick costume:
Tamdoll Knit Moustache

Improvised, stash-busting cowl:    Tamdoll Crochet Cowl

Later seen as:Tamdoll Crochet Cowl

Handles and finishing touches going onto two crochet bags:Tamdoll Crochet Bag

Pretzel rolls this week, recipe here.  Super easy recipe, done in under 2 hours.  Really good as “nugget” size snacks, too:Tamdoll Bakes Pretzel Rolls


I don’t know where last week went,it just flew by!  These are just some of the projects I’ve been working on, I wonder what my readers have been up to – find any inspiration?  Thinking about the Crown Challenge?  I hope so!

Tamdoll's Creative Crown Challenge 2011


  1. That mustache is hilarious! And you've been a very busy lady. Those pretzel nuggets look delish, too.

  2. Wow where do you get the energy to make all of these wonderful things AND bake?!


  3. Thanks guys!

    I just can't stop - I finished the mustache while sitting in my car and the cowl while waiting for lunch to be served at a restaurant. I hate to be idle - the only time i sit still is when I'm browsing the internet.

  4. The crochet bag looks good. I used to crochet bags but I only know the basic stitches. Hmmm, suddenly I wanna crochet.

  5. Hey great things, I love the cowl/hat combo. and of course the knitted mustache!!! too funny! Made me smile


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