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Monday Morning Crafting and Baking

March 28, 2011

I’ve been brainstorming for the crown challenge – you’d think since I initiated this that I’d have some ideas ahead of time, right?  Well, at first I wanted to make a costume fabric crown.  Then I started thinking of making a crown pin/brooch.  But since I really like to make cuff bracelets, I thought I’d do a crown shape of that.  I haven’t really gotten very far with anything:Tamdoll's Crown Challenge

I gave up embroidering the crown onto felt when I couldn’t get my transfer pen to work on it, and stitched it on my sewing machine.  I’m not thrilled.  Then the cuff bracelet, cut out of paper, was too pointy and long, wouldn’t be very comfortable.  Maybe I’ll let this simmer another day and try again.

There’s already been a few entries here, including an embroidery pattern.  At the end of the month, I’ll be sure to show all the pictures of what people have submitted.  Join us!

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Of course I’ve also been baking.  Last week I had a request for focaccia bread - Tamdoll Bakes

But I don’t think Ms. Peanut Butter & Fluff had thought too much about this one – the salt and garlic just didn’t go well with her usual lunch combo.  It was great with some homemade veggie burgers, though.

Next, there were a couple of loaves of sourdough bread that went fast, I’ll have to make more tonight:Tamdoll Bakes Sourdough

And in the oven right now are some banana bread muffins from a recipe on CraftyRichela’s blog.  I usually don’t bake just for myself, it’s always something for the kids – but they aren’t crazy about bananas.  Actually, that’s an understatement.  My oldest actually has a severe aversion to them which I find very odd.  When she was little she ate them, but as she’s gotten older, can’t stand the smell of them at all.  She also developed a latex allergy and bananas are related somehow, so maybe it’s her body’s natural way of avoiding things that will make her itch.  Interesting, but I’m going way off on a tangent. 

A week or so ago I mentioned a hand-sewing project.. that was a big craft fail.  They were sock-bunnies and were really scary looking (picture will be online soon at craftfail.com).  So, next time I try that idea, they will be sock-monsters.

I’m hoping muffins and coffee help me focus on what I’ll do the rest of the day and that posts this week show some more productivity than today’s did.  What are you up to?


  1. Oh, my gosh! Thank you for including my banana bread recipe. How did it turn out?
    By the way: your bread are always mouth-watering. I love freshly baked bread. If you lived closer, I would be knocking on your front door every time you baked. So, so good.

  2. The muffins were so good they were bad!!! I have eaten 5 already. Maybe more, I've lost count. I am such a sucker for cakes, I hardly ever eat the bread I bake, my kids devour it though.

  3. If I were to wear a crown wrist cuff, I imagine there would be pom-poms or yarn balls hung at the end of the pointy ends.

  4. I'd love to try one of your bread recipes. I'm contemplating a French baguette one of these days. Post a recipe, please!

  5. Most of the recipes i use are from King Arthur Flour.

    Focaccia style & loves are Hearth Bread recipe - rolls and richer breads are Walter Sand's Basic & I have their sourdough starter and use their 'rustic' recipe for that, waffles/pancakes each week, too.

    For consistency I always use KA flour, too since it's very good quality.

  6. Thanks! I also like King Arthur flour. Will look at their website.

    There's this white chocolate bread recipe I want to try. If I give you the recipe, will you try it with me? And compare notes?

  7. White Chocolate Bread Recipe? Pass it on!

  8. It's a Club Med specialty, and there are different versions floating around the internet. One had sourdough starter AND yeast. As an experienced baker, have you ever made a bread with both?
    But once I can figure out which one is the best recipe, I'll post it. And then let the baking begin!

  9. Well, if sourdough starter isn't "fed" then it needs yeast. Often I do that since I don't like to throw away the 1c. extra I have when "feeding" the sourdough - I still bake with it each week.

    I like the comments at this one, and there's a KA recipe here. Since you know what this is, I'll wait to here from you and then I'll make it, too! I'm intrigued. This is going to be good.

  10. That link is EXACTLY the one I was looking at! That guy Christopher sure seems to know what he's talking about. Okay, let's get this going. I will bake it on Tuesday.

  11. Ok, I've printed it and will put it on my to-do list for Tuesday (looks like Monday night prep then bake Tuesday). I may have to forgo the gluten if I can't find it by then.

  12. ...Or I'll start it Tuesday morning, let it rest 8 hours then finish it in the evening on Tuesday.


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