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March 11, 2011

Once, I read that pepper plants live year-round in warm climates, so at the end of last summer I potted a few plants from the garden and brought them into my kitchen.  The hot pepper plant is doing well, the regular pepper plant isn’t doing so great (my kitchen cannot be called a ‘warm climate’ in any way).  Below is a fruit growing right in my kitchen!  I knew when I saw flowers blooming that I’d have to pollinate them, so I just brushed a fingertip inside each of the flowers and it worked!  You can see another flower blooming on the left side of the picture if you look carefully.

Tamdoll's Indoor Pepper Plants

Usually by this time of year I have trays of seedlings sprouting in my kitchen & I’m eagerly looking forward to planting a garden in the summertime.  Not this year.  I have a lot of plans this summer, but many of them won’t be around my house, so I’m going to give the garden a rest this year.  (Even in the Bible there are instructions to let the land rest in the 7th year, giving it a Sabbath.  So, I’ll say I have holy inspiration for giving it a break.)

We’ll see if the indoor plants survive till then, inside or out in the yard.

Yesterday’s bread:Tamdoll bakes bread

Hot out of the oven, with some butter spread on top (that’s why it’s shiny). The peaks across the loaves are from slashing them with a sharp knife before their 2nd rising, then they get these nice patterns when they finally bake.

Going to work on my hand-sewing project and get that posted as soon as possible!

Don’t forget to brainstorm and work on a crown project and join me in the challenge:Tamdoll's Creative Crown Challenge 2011


  1. I've never heard of pollination by finger! So ingenious. Oh, more pics of glorious bread. I wish I had learnt to cook when I was younger. I chose carpentry and metal work in school instead. Those skills got me nothing.

  2. oh my gosh that bread looks good. I'm totally ready for spring too!

  3. Love that bread!
    And getting divine inspiration this week--how appropriate, right?

  4. It looks like our paths are crossing lately!
    My OH just started container gardening (little edible foods mostly) and I've just started baking bread.
    I just made my second batch yesterday and of course they aren't nearly as lovely as yours :)

  5. Oh! That bread looks SO delicious!
    I've brought a pepper plant indoors for the last couple winters, and it has survived, even producing a little fruit. They must be hardy souls.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    I think anyone can learn to bake bread, it just takes some getting used to!

    Jane, Carpentry and metal work are great for being confident when you need to fix something around your house.

  7. You know - I would just love it if you would pop over to my house and bake bread!

    Yours always looks so fabulous.

    Really - any ole day you feel like it - my kitchen is your kitchen! no snow! Just rain!


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