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EtsyBloggers Carnival – Favorite Gemstone

March 25, 2011

Cindy of Devine Designs Jewelry will be hosting this week’s EtsyBlogger’s Carnival.

She posed a few questions and I will answer one here:

3. What is your favorite gemstone and why?

This is an easy one!  It’s the Ruby, because it’s red, my favorite color!  So, what else to write about?? I will just put up some EtsyBlogger “Ruby” & “Red” items to share with you here.  Enjoy!

image image

image image

image image 

All of these caught my eye and were so pretty.  Maybe I should start crafting in red some more?  We’ll see.  The funny thing about this list is that a lot of the items are earrings and that’s one piece of jewelry that I rarely wear, my ears bother me if I wear them for too long.

My first thought when I read this post was to use Peridot since that’s my birthstone.  And green is my 2nd favorite color… so maybe next time I’ll look for those colored items!

Do you have a favorite gemstone?  Do you wear that color or craft with it?


  1. So many gorgeous reds! Thanks for including my earrings.

  2. What wonderful items you featured. I have to tell you that Ruby is my favorite gem as well, even tho my birthstone is emerald and I'm not crazy about green. But red definitely. Thanks for including my crocheted earrings!

  3. What a great variety of items you have selected, and pretty, too. Thanks for including one of my items!

  4. Red is a wonderful color. Thanks so much for including my necklace.

    I work with peridot a lot. But, jasper is my favorite.

  5. I LOVE red stones in jewellery. You probably know RED is an auspicious colour for Chinese. Plus, it really stands out. I have a red agate pendant on a black chain which my son bought for me. Who knew he had such good taste?

  6. I love red, too! I find when I create treasuries that a lot of them end up red themed.

    I probably would pick blue sapphire as my favorite gemstone though.

    Thank you so much for including a pair of my earrings. It was a wonderful morning surprise!

  7. Red is my favorite color for a gemstone, too. I like garnets for their deep red color.
    I took a jewelry making class many, many years ago with the ambition to create load of jewelry. Sadly, I have only made one necklace. But it's made of garnets! And I wear it all the time.
    So, how's that funny nephew of yours? Any "gems" from him lately??

  8. CraftyR - Your necklace must be great, do you have a photo anywhere? Nothing new on the nephew front, haven't had a chance to talk with him on the phone or Skype lately. :( I have "postcards" on my to-do list after I speak with him next time though!

    Jane - Isn't it great when guys (even little ones) pay attention to what we like?

  9. Great selections!
    My birthstone is pearl or alexandrite, both of which I love, but I must say, red is definitely a favorite color!

  10. I like red too! You picked wonderful items to show!


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