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Crochet Bag

March 7, 2011

One bag sans handles + stack of squares working towards a second bag:

Tamdoll Crochet Bag 

I have a billion projects going on lately.  This crochet project is actually keeping me calm.  I’ve memorized the square pattern so it doesn’t take long to whip one up, taking a ball of yarn and crochet hook with me everywhere - even at a hockey game yesterday where I didn’t have my girls with me – I was watching the game while making these and it kept me distracted enough to not worry about what the kids were doing.  My mind is always racing, having this bit of focus to occupy some part of my brain works to relax me.

Around New Year’s is when I bought a random bag of cotton yarn remnants to make this pattern and I think there is enough to make two bags.  Left off the handles of the first – if I run out of yarn while making the 2nd, I’m pretty sure I have white in my stash to finish these up.

Don’t know what I’ll do when this is finished.  I have other crochet photos, some indoor gardening and a hand-sewing project I’ll blog about this week – making goals and “to-do” lists so I will get things done!

Sourdough bread from the weekend – misshapen loaves, doesn’t alter the taste!  I really don’t care for the sour flavor, but the family loves it.Baked by Tamdoll

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  1. I find crocheting bags take up a lot of time. I made a few simple ones in the past and they took over my life. Oh, more tempting bread!


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