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Creative Crown Challenge

March 8, 2011

Calling all crafty folks, I’m going to try something here, would you like to participate?  About a year ago I saw a couple of felt and fabric crowns online and loved them!  Ever since then I’ve been wanting to make one … what better time than the present? 

Tamdoll's Creative Crown Challenge

Why don’t you join me and create something with a “crown” theme?  It can be: embroidered, to wear as a costume, upcycled, crochet, for a child’s dress-up box, as a birthday crown, for a present, for Purim festivities, as a decoration, a badge, button, tiny as a piece of jewelry -brooch/necklace/earrings, for a doll, a painted crown… whatever your specialty is… you get the idea!

This is just for fun and I hope you join in!  Why?  To inspire creativity and see what others come up with.  When they’re done, want to swap or sell yours?  share ideas?  Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Going to play along?  When your crown is completed, be sure to come back here by March 31, 2011 and add your (blog or other) online photo link to your project here:

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  1. Hmmmm, a paper crown? I'll give it a go...

  2. I feel guilty that mine is something I came up with last year, but I'm not in my studio til 4/1 so can I play? : )

  3. Of course anyone can participate as long as it's a "crown" theme!

  4. Thank you Tammy!

    When I saw that sandwich I did a double-take! ; ) How do you get your mouth around that?! The french toast you describe though sounds delish. Probably only meal I could eat that day.

  5. My interpretation is a rooster, he is the king of the barnyard.


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