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Winter Baking

February 26, 2011

Earlier in the week I was putting together a blog post and had some pictures of snow: 

Tamdol snowfall 2011

(Tried to capture the flakes as they fell.)

A picture of bread baked during the snowfall (naturally, half eaten before I got my camera out):

Tamdoll sourdough bread february

Didn’t get to post it.  Was home yesterday and took more pictures of snow:

more snow at Tamdoll's house

Took pictures of more bread that I baked while 10 more inches of snow fell:

more sourdough by Tamdoll

Do you see a pattern?

My family loves sourdough bread, so with all the baking I’ve been doing for them lately, I decided to get a sourdough starter from KAF.  It’s much healthier and more economical to supply the kids with bread this way (vs. buying commercial organic bread) – they eat quite a bit of it each week.  The second loaf pictured was a multi-grain bread.  I added whole wheat, flax, oats, wheat germ, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds.  Maybe multi-grain isn’t the right word for it – but I added a bunch of stuff.

Sometimes I’m not sure how much of these photos, or baking pictures I should include here.  It’s a “crafty” blog for me; trying to capture snowflakes on film, and baking bread are creative, so I think they fit. 

Next time I’m stuck indoors I have to finish knitting the new scarf I’m working on.  What do you like to do when you’re stuck inside?


  1. Smelling that fresh baked bread would be wonderful on a cold stuck in the house kind of day! I like to knit, work on a necklace, watch old movies, and bake, too when I'm stuck inside.

  2. The snowy pic looks like a scene out of Narnia. I wonder what snow feels like. When I'm stuck at home, I like to clean my sewing area!

  3. I hate to admit it, but if I'm going to be stuck inside, the first thing I want to do is clean and tidy up the house so at least I won't be aggravated all day when I look around me. Then, it's bake, knit, even watch a movie with my girls if I have patience. Lately, they're the ones that want to bake and it's usually something sweet and fattening!


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