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Visit to an Art Gallery

February 23, 2011

  Diablos and Detablos by Michael deMeng

By Michael deMeng, top row from left, details of: Water Lily,  Hijos, Manzana.  Second row: La Paloma, El Corazon, Hijos.

School vacation week, got a chance to visit the NEC Art Gallery today with my girls to see Diablos and Detablos by Michael deMeng.  These are the details that caught my eye on some of his assemblages.

Each piece was so full of detail and very interesting to see in person.  Until now I’ve only been able to see his work online. 

Have you ever had a chance to see art that you’ve only been able to admire from afar?  What did you think?


  1. I don't really get many chances to see art pieces. What I do enjoy is going to exhibitions of period costumes.

  2. Right now, there's an exhibit at JTS in NY that I'd like to see, on Houdini.

    And later, their library will be featuring Ketubahs.

    Hope they'll show part of it online.

  3. I love going to art museums. Fortunately I can take a trek to the DeYoung or Legion of Honor in the winter and visit my sister-in-laws AND visit the Seattle Art Museum in the summer. Another favorite is the Tacoma glass museum

    I've taken a couple classes from Michael and he always brings some of his pieces. He's the greatest, coolest, and funniest teachers one could hope for. He's very encouraging and generous.


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