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Engineering Creativity Handbag Construction

February 18, 2011

Here’s the new bag I completed today and offering for sale locally:Tamdoll's Purple Passion Wool PurseI know, must also get my online shop re-stocked with new things… going to work on that!

On Wednesday of this week, this is the picture I took of my kitchen counter: Tamdoll's Purple Passion Wool PurseI started off with a wool, knit and wet-felted tube.   My original plan was to make it into a purse by itself, but I thought it was too bulky to stitch together into a simple clutch – I ran out of yarn and couldn’t knit it any longer.  That’s when the “engineering creativity” began. 

Tamdoll's Purple Passion Wool Purse

Using some purple fabric I had stashed for ages… I stitched, ripped, basted, stitched again and re-did the bag over until I was happy with it today.  Inside is a drawstring center:  It slips inside pretty nicely and the bag turned out well!  I love how the black fades to blue then purple as the knitting progresses to the top. 

Tamdoll's Purple Passion Wool Purse

Making one-of-a-kind bags can be tricky sometimes, and I can’t make as many to sell as I’d like because they do take a lot of time.  I know there’s someone out there that’s going to love this bag!

I used to hate doing things over, but now I take my time and have a lot more patience because I know that it’s worth the effort in the end.  Crafters, do you do the same?


  1. This is a really cool bag. I like it a lot (esp the handles). In Singapore tho' most women shy away from knitted bags. I'm not sure why.

  2. Interesting Jane. It's probably the weather. I definitely wanted to get this one done very fast - it's still snowing here so heavy wool isn't bad as an accessory.

  3. It's great when something that seems like an error at first emerges into something this beautiful. I love the final result!

  4. It's been fun catching up on your blog. I love the purse, the skirt and the hearts. Hope you are feeling better.


  5. I so agree!! I love the lining with the drawstring! I've never thought of that!

  6. great bag!
    Yes, I do like things to be "perfect."--or at least very good. sigh...

  7. Thanks for your comments & for stopping by! I appreciate everyone so much and love having this blog universe to share creativity with.


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