Switching Mediums

January 27, 2011
Just for a day, working with papier-mâché, collage, sheet music, poems, stamps, glue, paints and glazes. Started out with brushes, ended up finger-painting and enjoying the process.  Back to sewing tomorrow.

1/29/11 Update: I’ve added a “how-to” description in a new blog post here.


  1. It's fun.. very freeing, isn't it? to just play for a day. I love the musical hearts!

  2. Lovely! Did you make the hearts yourself?

  3. These hearts caught my eye immediately! Beautiful! I appreciate that you were just playing - but I would love to know more about what you did to make these.

  4. it's always fun to take a break. These are cute - what are you going to make with them - I wonder.

    Keep up the fun creativity...TFS



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