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Love Bots Reveal for Valentine’s Day

January 17, 2011

Tamdoll's Mini Love-Bots for Valentine's Day

I received a couple of guesses in my last post’s comments, and on Facebook… so here’s a preview of what the little cubes are becoming!  Mini Love-Bots for Valentine’s Day.  Each one will be unique – so far I have just the 8 blocks assembled.

I truly have such a hard time sitting still to work on these, but with some bad weather coming tomorrow, maybe I can get them completed.  They’ll be available locally and maybe one or two will show up in my Etsy shop, also.  (Let me know if you have a preference.)  The ’bot above is made with a sweater that had been felted and repurposed into this cutie.Tamdoll's Workspace

One of my other current projects is a bag that I’ve been crocheting.  It still needs a handle, lining and assembly – but since it’s a summery colored yarn, there’s no rush: 

tamdoll crochet bag wip

I got the bag of yarn as a “1lb. remnant”  - maybe when I’m done with this one I can make a second – it was certainly easy enough.  I’ll check my yarn quantity by weighing it to see if I have 1/2lb. or more leftover when I’m finished.  Anyone else out there weigh their yarn? Tamdoll's Workspace

Thanks for your support and votes in the champagne cork challenge!  I didn’t win, but I was happy with the results, and found another great blog to follow because of it.

Tamdoll's Workspace

I hope this is the beginning of a very creative week.  What are you going to do?


  1. Awww...your love bots are TOTALLY adorable! I'm loving them. :) Hee

  2. It took me a bit of staring at the love bots to figure out that the "ears" are actually hands stretched out ready for a big ole hug. So creative!!!

  3. Thanks guys!
    I just put robot-type things on the little guy, arms or ears or antennae... if you see them as hugging arms that's great!

  4. Oh my sweet tammy, your cube little bot is soo adorable and he made me smile! Your crocheting squares are gorgeous too..loving the colors! Have alovely merry happy day and love to you!


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