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January 6, 2011

Tamdoll's vday projects

My Valentine’s Day to-do list is on the calendar under September.  Since I wasn’t on schedule last year, this week and next I’ll be working on a couple of ideas I’ve had. 

Even adjusting my schedule to give me the free time to work on these, I found myself pacing in my kitchen unable to feel “inspired”.  I thought to myself ‘This is ridiculous, why can’t you just sit down and work?’  So, that’s what I did.  I sat down with my list of projects, surrounded by red, plugged my ipod into my ears and began to work.  I’m hoping to I will have something to show you next week.  I must.  If I don’t, then what’s the use of all these ideas that I’m always coming up with? 

I’m looking forward to a few days of sitting and stitching, all the while singing out loud all the wrong words to the songs that are playing -- it’s good to be home alone sometimes!

Do you have anything that motivates you to get your act in gear when you’re stuck &/or procrastinating?


  1. It is good just to 'begin' to do something. I also like to listen to music or audio drama. Watching a tutorial helps me to get motivated, too =) or a new art toy! LOL!

  2. By the way - your tutorials are really cool!

  3. Usually panic gets me moving! I have little breakdowns where I'm feeling so overwhelmed with everything but I just systematically check things off and they somehow get done. Hope your motivation kept up!

  4. This might sound crazy but I have an production diary where I keep a record of the items I had completed for each day of the week. (I don't count in-progress - only those ready-for-sale) I also price tag the item completed and at the end of each week, I tally up the $ amount I've managed to produce. I have a benchmark $ amount I want to produce per week and this diary helps me see if I need to increase my productivity!

  5. when I see other people beautiful/crazy art work, I want to join in the fun! Other artist motivate me. Thanks for reminding me that I need to start now for Valentine's Day gifts! {:-D

  6. Dearest sweet tammy, you are way ahead of me with valentines! When i get distracted/stuck/procrastinate i always look at my inspiration board(which im currently making some changes to it) or take out my "To-do" journey and start going thru my list to get this little panic attack. Wishing you a lovely merry happy weekend sweet friend and love to you!

  7. Ditto here! I'm not up to thinking about V day yet!


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