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First Monday, Getting Organized for 2011

January 3, 2011
First post of the new year and I’m starting off with some planning for 2011.  First of all, “Happy New Year!”
In 2010 I missed some opportunities because I wasn’t well prepared.  It wasn’t enough for me to have a note on my calendar 7 months before Christmas that said “make ornaments”.  It turned out to be difficult for me to get into the spirit of holidays out of season.  This year, I’ve prepared a calendar listing the holidays under months that are about 6 or 7 months prior and put specific ideas under each.  For example, “make crafts to sell” wasn’t inspiring enough in May 2010, so now I have a list of projects including: crochet snowflakes, mini sweater garlands, and so on.  I know this will work much, much better!
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Worked on these during the past week and completed today – a couple of stash-busting mittens for my girls:Tamdoll's Knit Mittens 
2010 was a productive year for me and I’d like to make 2011 a craftier, even better year.  Besides things that I’d like to make to sell, there are some clothes that I’d like to sew, some fashion-makeover/upcycling projects and… I had planned to begin again in 2010… I’m definitely going to be making dolls again.  Maybe not what people are used to seeing from me, but “Tamdoll” has got to make dolls! What about you? Have any big (or little) plans for the coming year?


  1. The mittens are beautiful! I'm sure that your girls will enjoy them. :)

  2. what a good idea, about planning ahead. I get into the same situation. I need to plan some shows ahead of time, and get things ready for them. Great thing for me, having goals, because I like to always meet them!

  3. Dearest sweet Tammy, loving this mittens...they are so beautiful! SO happy your new year is off to a good start. I am still making plans for my new year list. :) WIshing you LOVE and JOY this new year! Thanks so much for your love, support and blessing you send my way! Love to you!

  4. hey now that chair is a bit creepy but that just means you are very versatile. {wink wink}

    love the gloves. I can crochete but not follow a pattern so I am left with only making blankets and scarves.

    hats off to you..keep up the great work.



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