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Packaging Edible Gifts

December 2, 2010

Been having fun coming up with cute and tasty gifts. 

Tamdoll crafting gifts

There’s so many good chocolate bars in the stores lately, so I decided to make another batch of these cards, (how-to found here).  I knew they wouldn’t be standard sized, so bought the chocolates first and then tweaked the size of the card template to fit snugly.  Last time, I printed templates directly onto my patterned paper, skipping the overlay step for the inside piece.  This time, all I had was heavy-weight white, so did the basic shape on that and then used patterned paper for the overlay piece.  This worked out well since I have an entire package of white cardstock and can be frugal with the scrapbook paper.

Filled with Chocolove Premium Chocolate Bars:Chocolove Yum

I couldn’t resist, knowing the “love” would appear in the cut-out of this card, and it tastes sooo good.  Yes, I buy food because of the packaging sometimes – it just makes it special! (Anyone else out there do that?  I’m definitely a sucker for an eye-catching wine label, too.)

If my girls will help out, then I’ll make another bunch for public school teachers next week.  I’m liking this treat a lot because it’s good for male and female teachers.  I think this year I’ll focus on the crafting side of the gifts instead of the baking.  (Check back here in a few weeks… I do have some caramel recipes I wanted to try out, so who knows if I’ll have time and change my mind!)  Readers, are you making or baking holiday gifts this year?


  1. Yes, me too. I used to buy stuff just to get the box or containers. Don't tell me hubs.

  2. OH my tammy these cards are gorgeous and soo beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the how to! I am also making a few christams cards. :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!


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