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Let it Snow! (So I can stay inside and stitch.)

December 22, 2010

Seems like the first calm day that I’ve had in a long while.  Sat down to get some things done this afternoon and all of a sudden, noticed that it had started snowing!  Took a picture, can you see the flakes?  Took about 10 tries to figure what setting on the camera to shoot at:Tamdoll Snow and Stitch

Then got back to sorting out my embroidery flosses – what a disaster.  While I’m in the midst of projects I usually just throw things into a bag or basket until I need them again – not the best organizational system….Tamdoll Snow and Stitch

Got a little bit of a project completed… and, yes, it’s supposed to look like that:Tamdoll Snow and Stitch Maybe I should try using an embroidery hoop. 

Then it was outside, shoveling the driveway, when I noticed the leaves of the trees looked frosted (maybe I’ve been baking too many cookies lately):Tamdoll Snow and Stitch

I hope you’re getting some nice, peaceful moments these days.

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  1. You captured the snowflakes! Thanks for the peaceful wishes--same to you!


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