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Hand-Stitched with Love

December 29, 2010
Tamdoll Handstitched with Love 

Got one good picture of this snowman and his friend; didn’t have time to iron before rolling it up and wrapping as a gift.  Not sure I should call this “embroidery” as it was just back-stitches and french-knots.  Started a few days ago, finished Christmas day and delivered.  Was glad to get that project done, been thinking about it since I bought the magazine with the pattern in 2003!!! 

Next - a pair of mittens almost done knitting, need to photograph those and another completed last week (burning up the stash yarn!), maybe a quick crochet bag, and an Artful Thursday recap – then it will be 2011!  Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

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Thank you all for your comments over the past week .. and the whole year – I really appreciate them and the time you take to visit, your feedback and support.  Wishing everyone a safe and warm winter (or cool if you’re on the opposite side of the globe from me!) – and a Happy New Year! - Tammy


  1. I call anything hand-stitched embroidery. Yes, even if it's just knots. I wish you a happy new year and look forward to more of your crafting in 2011.

  2. It's beautiful! a great pattern! and definitely embroidery.

  3. this is so cute! I'm sure your friend (or family member) enjoyed it

  4. Oh! That is so sweet! I'm 100% sure you can call that embroidery, because it *is* embroidery. Sweet hand stitched gifts are the best. :)


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