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EtsyBloggers Carnival – Recipe for a Sweet Treat

December 17, 2010

 Tamdoll Food Gifts

Today’s Blog Carnival is being hosted by: Spotted Cow Soaps.

“Share your favorite Holiday recipe and tell us why it has become your favorite Holiday recipe.”

My favorite recipes are ones I can share or gift!  The recipe I make every year and that I’m most frequently asked the recipe for is one I often gift to teachers and friends – Frosted Walnuts; followed closely by requests for Rolo Pretzel Treats.   Here it is:

Frosted Walnuts from Tamdol

It’s nice packing these in a tin and giving the whole bunch to someone special, too.  Why is it my favorite?  Because it’s easy, so good and makes people smile.



  1. I always have to walk quickly by these nuts in the store, when I see them. Looks delicious! {:-D

  2. Hey thanks! I need a good recipe for a party!

  3. YUM! interesting recipe...must try...


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