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December 15, 2010

According to [some people on the internet that make up all sorts of rules] good bloggers have consistent posting to keep their readers engaged and coming back for more.  I read so many blogs in my feedreader that if someone isn’t posting regularly, I hardly notice – there’s always 100 or more posts to keep up with.  I usually email subscribe to the most inspiring and check my reader a few times a week.

Personally, I keep ideas in LiveWriter, plan ahead and pre-write some posts – have tons of pictures not yet uploaded here or at flickr… and still I can’t always get my act together.  Hopefully, you’ve subscribed to my updates and are getting these automatically so you know when I’m back online (see upper left-hand column for a subscription box). 


Hmm.. So, what have I been doing?  Keeping up with two teenage daughters.   Baking lots of bread because I can’t justify shelling out $4+/loaf when half of them have additives I’m either allergic to or simply can’t pronounce.  Knitting.  Sewing.  Thinking about baking some holiday treats to give as gifts – check out these two - Saucisson au Chocolat et aux Figues and Ale & Pretzel Soft CaramelsLast year's caramels were a huge success so I’m ready to try it again.


Been knitting up some fingerless mittens in my spare time – when I’m in waiting rooms, helping with homework, etc…  They’re really mindless to do.

Tamdoll knits fingerless mittens

These were a gift and I wasn’t sure the recipient would know what they were without the thumb, so I cut out the back of the box of crackers to make holders for these.  Added “Fingerless Mittens” to the cardboard later on, too.

Pretty simple pattern, just k2,p2 in the round, on dpns for as long as I wanted them to be.  Then for the thumb hole, I stopped at one needle, turned to the wrong side and k2,p2 for 7 or 8 rows until I had it as large as necessary.  Once that was done, I just continued round, joining again, until the top (about another 6 rows). 


How are you handling this holiday season?  Have any “to-do” plans left for the next two weeks?


  1. Oooh, I don't qualify as a good blogger then (according to the people who make up the rules). I post when I feel like it or when I have something to post. Oh, how I wish I can knit and do some mindless knitting. (there's no such thing as mindless sewing, is there?)

  2. I do the same, read so many blogs I'm always behind, (who can choose?) and use live writer.
    Love the arm warmers! They look so fuzzy and comfy!


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