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You Can Take It With You

November 30, 2010

You can take it with you and be stylish in a one-of-a-kind handbag!  I love making purses, although I don’t do it too often.  A sneak peek: Tamdoll's bags

Been stitching and experimenting on some new bag designs for a craft fair coming up this Sunday.  I’ve known about this event since the summertime – do you think I’ve been sewing since then?  Not so.  It’s hard for me to sit still and make one thing from start to finish so my creating has been sporadic and full of interruptions.

Won’t have a big inventory, but what I have will definitely be unique.  If you’ll be in southern NH this coming Sunday, December 5th, be sure to stop by!

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  1. wow - cool bag. Good luck this weekend. I have a show on Saturday. So not motivated...but will keep it up! Keep up the great job...



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