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Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Bags

November 17, 2010
Thanks to the how-to & pattern at CreativeJewishMom, I whipped up a couple of crochet gift bags the other evening.  I left out the decorative edging, and used bright primary colors for two little boys:Tamdoll crochets
I’m glad I found a use for those single balls of bright colors!  These pouches were quick and easy to do.  I added a shoelace for a closure, sewing the knots together so little hands have trouble trying to undo them.  I also sewed the lacing to the bag at the center of the pouch, hoping they stay intact.  When I was done, I used the remaining yarn to make a little catch-all for someone’s desk:Tamdoll crochets
Will fill with some treats, wrap and mail out next week.  This was such a satisfying project – the yarn was chunky & felt so nice in my hands. 
Do you have any quick & easy projects that make you happy?


  1. You must have lightning fingers becos these aren't quick and easy to me. It would take me at week at least.

  2. Thanks Linda!

    Jane, don't be silly. I used a big hook and it was just single crochet round and round. Sat on the couch with my girls and got them done in no time.

  3. you call that quick and easy? I think you need to give me lessons!
    hope you are well. Sorry I haven't been around, but I'm back and enjoying your posts as always.

  4. Gotta love those single ball projects! They look great!

  5. These are super wonderful. I love the double colors...great job.


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