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October Featured EtsyBlogger – Splendid Little Stars

November 7, 2010

Yes, yes, I know it’s November already… but I couldn’t neglect posting about the EtsyBloggers October Featured member – Splendid Little StarsSplendid Little Stars

Margaret has a great blog – I’ve been reading it forever… each week I stop by to see what she’s photographed, or what she’s doing.   This past week there was something really unique that I liked, you’ll just have to go take a look for yourself!

She’s another one of these dynamo women who have two Etsy shops, one – Splendid Little Stars and I love, love the tie-dyed kid’s clothes in there.  I especially wanted to share this long-sleeve t-shirt that I thought was really unique:Splendid Little Stars 

Margaret has been making and selling clothing and jewelry for over 20 years and she must really enjoy it, because I think it shows in her work.

Her second shop, Sparkly Park is stocked with jewelry and these precious hair ties:Splendid Little Stars I love creative descriptions, too – here’s what the listing for these had to say:

“These wonderful accessories for BOTH your wrist and hair will add
bounce to your step,
joy to your being,
delight to your days!”

So cute!

Over and over again I find myself drawn to the same people’s blogs because they’re so charming and I really like to see what they’re doing.  It’s hard some days to tear myself away from the computer!


  1. Margaret's shop and blog is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. :) Have a lovely merry happy week ahead. Love to you!

  2. ..aawww...so sweet of you! What wonderful compliments you give! Thank you for featuring me and my work! I do appreciate it!


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