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Blog Carnival – Creative Inspiration

November 19, 2010

Etsybloggers Carnival for this week will be Hosted by PatchFirstShop (sometime Monday she’ll have a list of everyone’s links & answers).

Talk about your inspirations!!
1) What item are you working on?? What is your inspiration for this piece??
2) What is always inspiring you for your shops, your works, or anything in your life?

1) Right now I’m working on purses, totes & handbags that will be sold at an upcoming craft fair.  I’m inspired to make these by the piles of fabrics I have lying everywhere & I like making these unique accessories.  Combining only what I have & not running out to purchase any new supplies is a challenge.  Pictures of those in a week or so!

2) My brain never stops thinking of new ideas & I can’t honestly say it’s one thing that inspires me.  A color or a phrase might give me the spark for a new idea.  My thinking really isn’t linear at all – an example: Back in ‘08, I learned to crochet and made some cute donuts with a pattern from the Lion Brand website:Tamdoll's threedonuts

While I’m making these, I’m thinking about the yarn I have stashed and decide jelly donuts should be next on the to-do list and make a bunch of sugar frosted ones, modifying the pattern a little and adding some needle-felting:Tamdoll's jelly donuts

Next, having a ton of embroidery floss and loving the challenge of miniatures, I decide to make a bunch of mini-donuts…. after a few days of them lying on my worktable, I crochet them into a bracelet simply because I’m determined to make jewelry out of the things that I like: Tamdoll's bracelet

Tamdoll's Workspace

This cute elephant was inspired by the color of the roving I created him with:Tamdoll's Tiny Elephant

My series of key necklaces were inspired by wanting to create crochet shapes without a pattern and the Tiffany necklaces I kept seeing advertisements for:Tamdoll's necklaces


Tamdoll's Workspace


It’s hard to define what inspires me – I’m more likely to say: There’s nothing that doesn’t inspire me.


  1. Dearest sweet tammy, i am loving this post so much! I love reading every words in this. SO inspiring and all the items are sooo adorable! Have alovely merry happy week and love to you!

  2. very, very cute. I love the elephant! my daughter saw the bracelets and now I have to try my hand at crocheting again. (I stink at it.) so you've inspired us!

  3. Dearest sweet Tammy, i hope all is well and that you had a wonderful thanksgiving! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


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