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Artful Thursday – A Fall Brooch

November 4, 2010
Tamdoll's Fall Brooch 2010 A little project for Thursday.
Felt from Joggles.com
Yummy wool felt from Joggles.com*.  Cut and punch out some seasonal shapes:
A little embroidery with metallic floss:Tamdoll embroiders
Some more embroidery and stitching front and back together, adding a little filler to the center:Tamdoll embroiders
Add a pin back:Tamdoll's Brooch Back 2010
A row of single crochet finishes this cutie off:Tamdoll's Fall Brooch 2010
I’ve been thinking about making this for about a week – wanted to make a couple with different holiday motifs in the center, sort of like fabric cameos.  But different.  Look for this one and others in my shop over the next few days.
Happy Artful Thursday! Artful Thursdays
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  1. Tammy, you make it look so easy. Very pretty.

  2. Linda! It wasn't too hard, it was so tiny, didn't take very long. The hardest part was finding where I had stored all my pin backs in this mess of a room that I work in.


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