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Sewing Do-Over to Get it Right

October 25, 2010

Anniversary FlowersFlowers from my husband.  A nice blast of color in the house.

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Thanks for your comments over at the hand-sewn skirt post.  Thea, here’s the kind of sticky thimble I used to try before I found the leather ones - Colonial brand ... finger pads. Jane, the fabric is jersey knit, t-shirt material, so I hope it holds up well under gentle washing!

And thanks for the horror-movie post comments!  Jacqueline I will have to check out those films when I get a chance.

Tamdoll's Workspace

Been working on handbags, and trying to get things “just right”.  Started quilting the outside of this one when I realized the bobbin thread was white… and I wanted the inside to look nice, so took out a few rows and did it over.  Before:Tamdoll Hobo Bag

After:Tamdoll Hobo Bag inside

Now I just have to add some handles:Tamdoll Hobo Bag

Love this fabric:Tamdoll Fabric

I bought yards of this a long time ago, thinking to make it into clothing for my girls, but never got around to it.  Will try to tackle handles today.  Do you have any luck with things you buy for one purpose and end up using for another?


  1. The bag looks great. You're right. The fabric is fab. When I first started making bags, I just buy whatever fabric catches my EYE. That's such a terrible strategy.

  2. Awwwe how sweet of your husband...what a guy! Ok what did he do ")

  3. French Paws - ha! It was my 19 year anniversary.

    Jane - how else are we supposed to buy fabric? !

  4. Oh my your flowers photo makes me happy! They are soo pretty. :) You are welcome with the horro movie lists...i hope you get a chance to check them out.
    WOW look at that bag ~ it's soo beautiful and i really LOVE that gorgeous yellow fabric lots!! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

    ps: Happy 19 year anniversary!! I hope you guys had a good celebration!


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