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A Mystery – Was it YOU?

October 1, 2010

I received a package in the mail with no return address or city/state markings:

Tamdoll's mystery package

I can’t wait to find my View-Master (I know it’s around here somewhere) and check it out, reading the story along with the pictures… but it’s a little creepy.  Not because it’s vampires, but because I don’t know who it’s from!  Please leave me a comment or send an email if it’s you (tamdoll – at – comcast – dot – net).  (Please don’t think I’m ungrateful if this was a purely crafty sharing package, but I’ve had stalker-ish things happen in the past and it freaks me out a little to not know where this is from.)


And because last week I had terrible pictures of the completely flat bread I baked, here’s a shot of this week’s bread for you – much better this time:Tamdoll's bread


No Artful Thursday this week for me.  I’m working on a half-dozen projects (as usual) and will take pictures and post more as soon as I can!  Thanks for all your comments over the past week, I love reading your messages and visiting those of you who have blogs, too. 

Looking forward to squeezing in some crafty time this weekend.


  1. Tammy, your bread looks really good and yummieeee! Makes me wanna try to make bread too. :) I totally agree with you that altho receiving packages are nice but not knowing who it is from can get a little scary. Have a lovely merry happpy weekend and love to yoU!

  2. it wasn't me. but it does look intriguing spooky! xo m.

  3. I would totally freak out too to get a package from Anonymous. Love the bread. I've made bread before. They come out really hard.

  4. gosh, not me. Stalkerish, indeed!

    Love the bread.

  5. HOw exciting! A mystery!!
    The bread looks super yummy!

  6. no stalker, just a friend with a gift that was supposed to be for your birthday but was sitting on the kitchen counter for a few months

  7. Thank you for the treat anonymous friend!

  8. Jane P - you have to try again! And not add too much flour. Slightly sticky dough is ok & will come out tender!


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