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Artful Thursday – DIY Candy Bar Card for Halloween

October 28, 2010

When I saw this adorable Candy Bar Card project*, I knew I had to make one.

Of course I had Halloween paper in my stash:Tamdoll's Halloween Paper Stash I also still had my package of glues and scissors from the Elmer's® Crafters' Campaign (being a BzzAgent, I occasionally participate in different campaigns and share my opinion about products that I receive). This project was really quick and easy once I joined Paper Craft Planet and printed out the templates. 

Once I cut out the templates it was really easy to glue things together:Tamdoll gluing My adhesive stash will NEVER again be without this glue pen.  Never. I loved it.  I am usually so messy, putting glue on projects with my fingertips.  That fine tip was perfect.  (And yeah, I have an adhesive “stash”.  A whole drawer of different glues for different materials… doesn’t everyone?)

Next, back to the handy tape runner for skinny spots that I wanted to stick instantly and not have to hold-in-place… but I got a little carried away and glued the opening closed!  So, here’s a tip: baby/talcum powder will coat the sticky stuff and make it ineffective:Tamdoll unsticks the glueWhew.  Thank goodness for that.  There’s a reason a trial-sized powder is always at my desk.

Insert candy bar:Tamdoll's card in progressIt’s almost funny how no one in this house really notices the projects I’m working on until a chocolate bar appears on my table.  Everybody wanted to know what it’s for – I had to finish this project quickly!

I thought the card could use a little more embellishing – so pulled out the X-Acto® scissors and Corner Round Punch from the BzzAgent campaign kit, and stamped some Halloween images on scraps of paper:Tamdoll's tools

I will admit that decorative scissors, in general, are not one of my favorite tools to use.  I’ve had many, many brands of these and am never thrilled with how bulky they feel in my hands, so I usually avoid them.  These did a good job cutting, sharp and accurate.  The corner rounder gave a nice cute finish and worked fantastic – best part, no jagged edges where corner meets edge.  If you’ve used a corner punch before, you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t – what I’m saying is: This did a good job.  A few dabs of ink and:Tamdoll Embellishes

Stuck these embellishments on with Glue Spots that came with the Elmer's® package to raise them up & give them some added dimension.  Mysteriously, after some school projects this week, I only have three left – I guess the kids found them handy and put them to good use for their crafts, too.  Added a ribbon tie and that’s it!

Tamdoll's Halloween Candy Bar Cards

*Template, design & project © Leigh Ann Baird.

Happy Artful Thursday! Artful Thursdays

Do you do anything crafty for Halloween? 

I loved reading Jane P’s comment about the Hungry Ghosts Festival, it’s really interesting to learn about different customs.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. These turned out wonderfully! So glad you liked the template!


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