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Ceiling Constellations

September 7, 2010
Just a little digression from my usual crafty blog posts.  I’m still busy sewing and knitting and crocheting, but have been lax about taking pictures of it all.
Did you ever lay in bed and stare at the ceiling and start to see pictures in it?
Tamdoll's ceiling
I took a picture of mine this morning and tested out my drawing tablet with it.   This is what I saw on my computer screen:
Tamdoll's ceiling, take 2
Try it.  Take a picture.  Draw on it (use my ceiling picture if you like).  Share what you see!  (Put your link in comments.)
Ooh, now that I’ve created this blog post, I see more:
Tamdoll's ceiling, take 3
It’s a good thing it’s really dark when I fall asleep or I’d be busy all night looking for patterns, or getting scared from the ones I do find!


  1. Dearest Tammy, this is soo adorable!! I hardly pay any attention at my room ceiling. I think i will start now. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  2. I really like to do this activity! I once "saw" a doll that I just had to create in my husband's favorite chair! I find it so relaxing to just let my mind wander and draw out images.
    Your images made me laugh.

  3. thanks Jacqueline!

    Nico, I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this. :)

  4. Since we are sharing freaky secrets, here's mine. At night when I close my eyes to sleep, I see bright lights and the lights separate and form changing creatures and faces. I see them until I fall asleep. It's amazing I don't freak out.

  5. Now you know how the ancients came up with the constellations. They stared up at the sky and connected the dots!

    Your ceiling idea is clever and fun!

  6. LOL - yep - I see things in the ceiling... the wood grain of the cabinets, the floor tiles... and then we could go out side and look at clouds! Glad I have company ;-)

  7. I love this! Ceiling constellations. You imagination is endless.

  8. CraftyRichela, you're a genius - I'm renaming this post "Ceiling Constellations" !


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