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Planning for a December Craft Fair

September 13, 2010

Here’s one of the bags I’ve been working on for a craft fair in December: 

one bag by Tamdoll

I’m pretty slow about cutting, sewing and assembling these.  Each one will be one-of-a-kind.  Right now I have a half-dozen bags in various stages of completion.  Some need assembly, handles, zippers or all of those. 

I have fun making the basic shape, but I’m not really motivated to finish them once I can visualize the completed piece.  I guess after that, the creativity part is over and that’s the part I really like.  It’s not really  a problem – whatever part I’m working on, I do enjoy the sewing … but the finishing is usually what I have to be business-like about forcing myself to work on. 

Anyone else have parts of their projects that they like to work on better than others?


  1. Hey girlfriend,

    I too am feeling the pinch. I am preparing for a show in October and 1 in November...I am up to my eyeballs in halloween goodness.

    Ilove your purses... and know exactly how it is...I too have projects finsihed and started and somewhere in between...its maddening. I think I get bored fast and move on to quickly.

    Keep up the great work.These bags are very cool....


  2. I have the exact same problem with finishing. I don't have the luxury of such a long deadline for my craft sale. Right now how I get my bags done in time for selling is I don't allow myself to start on another bag until I've completed the current one. Oh, so many times I try to bargain with myself but I am very firm. Otherwise I'll open shop with a half-empty table.

  3. OMGosh I'm in love with this bag! How cute, I love the fabric!!
    How fun!!

  4. Thanks Vicki!

    Jane, I like your discipline - maybe I should get some of that.

    Tina - you've reminded me of Halloween! omg, I have soo much work to do!

  5. That bag is wonderful!! very creative!
    After creating something the first time, subsequent "re-makes" are more like factory work. I've been better able to handle that as time has gone on. I do a lot of "dyeing" in my basement. I play an audio book that draws me down, down to the workroom with its compelling story.


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