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Blog Carnival – Wedding Picture, 1991

September 24, 2010

PatchFirstShop is going to host the new Blog Carnival next week for the EtsyBloggers and here’s the request this week:

1) Show us your wedding photo!! or anything from your wedding day.. or
2) Any items in your shop that you think they can be on somebody's wedding day..

Not so sure about the shop item just yet, so here’s my wedding picture from 1991 when I had just turned 22:

Tamdoll 1991

So young!  That 80’s big permed hair!  The sleeves on the dress!  Wow, there’s been a lot of changes since then (especially in the hair department for both of us.. er, Mr. Tamdoll doesn’t read my blog so I’m pretty sure he won’t ever notice that little comment.)

My kids like to watch the wedding dress tv shows (no idea what they’re called) and from what I can tell, the trend now is for sleeveless gowns – I can’t imagine ever trying to pull that off in October! 

Our 20th anniversary is coming up next year, I can’t believe it’s been that long.  Thanks for the memory jog EtsyBloggers & Patch!

And just because I had to check my shop one more time for something wedding-ish – how about a bluebird of happiness on a necklace?  key to your heart?  something blue?tamdoll.etsy.com

I made these crocheted key necklaces and had so much fun collecting the trinkets and combining them into unique pieces, I’m glad I found a connection to use it here for this post.

At the time I got married I never thought of doing anything “diy” beyond my veil (which I ended up buying anyway.)  It seems trendy nowadays to have a more hands-on approach to decorations, invitations and bouquets, so I’m wondering –

Did you do a lot of “diy” for your wedding and was it a long time ago or more recent?


  1. You look so good on your wedding day!

  2. Oh my you look soo gorgeous!! Your dress is soo beautiful. :) I really like to watch everything wedding related too...and planning a all handmade wedding will be my dream. :) And i adore your lovely necklace too. Thanks so much for sharing your wedding photo with us! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  3. Hello there lovely sweet Tammy, thank you so much for your kind words on my iPad cozy. Yes those are mini pom-pom trim on the back pocket of the cozy. I really adore pom-pom trims and i think they add a lovely touch to this cozy. Love to you!

  4. No matter what you say, that is a gorgeous photograph! Your dress is beautiful!
    Let's see...I got married a long time ago. I put together all the flowers for my wedding.
    A bluebird of happiness would be perfect for a wedding!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  5. Aw, I love your hair. You and Mr. Tamdoll made quite the handsome couple. And please tell him that hair on men is overrated!
    My DIY story: For my reception, I took these vanilla scented three wick candles (they were HUGE) and carved the names of each guest into them according to the seating chart. Each table had three of these candles that were placed on rose petals in the center of the table on raised platforms. What I didn't count on were the fights over who took the candles home at the end of the night! Oops.

  6. Wow! Twenty years - time sure does fly! And you looked beautiful that day (not that you don't on a regular basis!). As for the dress, yes trends back then were much fuller, long-sleeved versions. Not sure I love all the strapless versions they are showing today.

  7. You look gorgeous - so youthful and happy!! xo m.

  8. It's called "Say Yes to the Dress" and I watch it weekly! I need some ideas!

  9. Thanks everyone for your feedback - I hate being "older & wiser" sometimes - I remember those days when I thought I was fat. Ha! Wish I had dome more craftiness in those days, too - passing on your wedding diy-ness onto Esther (last comment), thanks!


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