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Artful Thursdays – Crochet Hook Roll - Sewing Tutorial

September 16, 2010

Artful Thursdays are back!  I have a super-quick project to share, made this in under an hour this morning – even with interruptions – it’s a great useful project and would make a nice gift, too.

What to do with all these?Tamdoll's hooks

Make a case!  Somehow I’ve misplaced and re-purchased my size G hook three or four times.  It’s a good thing I have a daughter who crochets now and needs somewhere to store her own hooks (and all my doubles!). 

The first piece of fabric I grabbed out of my scrap basket happened to be the edge of a sheet – brilliant!  No hemming needed!  A pillowcase edge would work for this, too.  Of course, you can add an allowance for hem to all these directions, iron and stitch them in place, too.

The fabrics:(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.netI like the light-weight cotton fabrics best for this project without any interfacing or batting necessary.  Your completed project will roll up better this way.



Cut 2 fabrics 10” x 7.5” – one of the outside fabric and one of a contrasting  lining fabric.(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Cut two more pieces 10” wide, making sure the hemmed edges are on the 10” edge.  One will be 1.75” high and the other, 4.5” high.  (Remember, if you need to add your own hems to these pieces, cut them about 1.5” taller, fold, press, fold, press & hem.)(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Working with all the fabrics right-side up, lay the 4.5” piece on your lining fabric along the bottom of one long edge.  Now you’ll stitch vertical lines over this piece.(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Close-up of stitching vertical lines below.  I usually use my presser-foot as a guide, but most are about 1/2” or a little more apart.  It’s easy to just lift and turn the foot at the end of each row and make your way back up again in the other direction.  If you have thicker hooks or those with cushioned handles – be sure to make wider rows.(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Clip loose threads and lay a hair elastic along one side, tacking it down with a few stitches.  Next, lay the 1.75” piece, right-side up, across the top edge of your lining fabric.  Hair elastics are great for these projects, very sturdy!  (In the picture my elastic appears in the middle of the fabric – I think it works better if it’s more toward the top third of the piece.)(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net


Turn your outside fabric piece over and pin it to the layered pieces, all right-sides together.(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Stitch it around all edges, leaving an opening along one side.  I use a 3/8” seam allowance.(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Next, trim around the piece, making sure to clip diagonally along the corners.  I have pinking shears, but they’re not necessary. (c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Poke out corners with a round-tipped stick.(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Once your piece is turned right-side out, give it a quick press with your iron and stitch closely around the edges, making sure to capture the opening and stitch it closed. (c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

It’s done!(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

  Ready to be a home for crochet hooks.(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Rolls up easily for storage. (c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net 

My case is almost all filled up.(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Mother-daughter crochet hook cases, complete!(c) Tammy Gross tamdoll.net

Have a happy Thursday!  Stop by and visit all the other crafty folks participating in the Artful Thursday project, too:

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  1. That's a great tutorial, thanks for sharing. Off to find scissors LOL
    Handmade Artists' Shop!

  2. Wow - this came out wonderfully. Thanksfor sharing the tutorial.


  3. that was awesome! even someone not so handy around a sewing machine found this tutorial not intimidating. thank you.

  4. very nice project and something I need to make for myself. I too have at least that many "g" hooks-and I could not tell you where ANY OF THEM are at right now. ;)

  5. This is a great tutorial! I'm going to link to it on my blog!
    Great idea! (for knitting needles also)


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