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August 15, 2010

Just a few pictures from a very quick trip to NYC.

Window at the Lion Brand Yarn store (I tried to edit the reflections out…).  It’s so impressive that it’s all made of yarn.  I especially love the ball winder at the top of the tower.

Lion Brand window

Coney Island vs. Knit & Crochet Island:

Nathan's hot dogs

Not all of Coney Island was so spiffy:


Hot & humid, even the chocolate chips started to sweat:

sweating chocolate chips

Of course I have some family pictures, but I have a lot of fun taking these odd shots.   What do you take pictures of when you’re on a trip?


  1. There's a lion brand store?! (I've never been to NYC)

    That window display is pretty cool.

    I tend to take pics of architecture...

  2. I love the side by side comparisons! Great shots.

    I usually take pictures of the view from somewhere up high. That's a fairly broad statement, but it seems to ring true! I love seeing everything at once. It makes me feel like I'm part of something.


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