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Old Books & New Art For Sale

August 6, 2010

Pretty descriptive title, huh?

I’ve finally made something new & that fits into my EtsyChai membership – a “Commandments” wall hanging -

Tamdoll on Etsy

found at my etsy shop.


Next, I have tons of old books that my mom brought over from Israel in 1960.  Many of them are school books and they’re all in Hebrew.  I figure someone out there may be interested in these, so I’ve put them up for sale on Ebay.  You can see them here.

Tamdoll2001 ebay books Tamdoll2001 ebay books   Tamdoll2001 ebay books

I actually have many, many more than these 24 – some encyclopedias and more fiction.  I hope someone wants them.  If there’s interest in these 3 lots then I will list some more.


  1. Those books are incredible. Did you ever think of having it appraised?
    I do hope you keep at least one to pass on to your daughters.
    Looking forward to more of your posts...

  2. I adore that Commandments” wall hanging you made! It's gorgeous and is it strange that i kinda like the smell of old books? :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  3. These books have been shuffled around a bit from house to house.... I set aside a couple that I found interesting, or had more scribbles than others in the margins. None of us can read them without a dictionary in one hand, so we all decided to see if their value would appear on ebay.
    I love the dusty smell of old books, the pages, the look of a well-worn read.
    I hope somebody can love or use them - if the first batch doesn't show interest online for sale then I'll see if the local Jewish Federation wants them as a donation.


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