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Fall Knitting, Cute Crochet and a Linzer Torte

August 31, 2010

Been busy, thinking of new ideas, cleaning and organizing my space, finishing old projects and getting my kids ready for the start of the school year.

Embroidered some embellishment onto the wrist of these mittens and have set them to block now (been “almost done” since June!).  The plan is to have a collection of one-of-a-kind fingerless mittens to sell locally this fall.

Tamdoll's mittens

Tweaking bear ideas as I use up stash yarn.  Thinking of making the body smaller and adding some details like hats, scarves, bows, buttons:  

Tamdoll Bear

Thwarted, by my talented kids, from my dieting plans.  This was the scene last night at midnight on my kitchen counter:

Tamdoll's kitchen

I resisted nibbling on it then, but come morning, it disappeared with my coffee. 


  1. Oh.. the bear is so cute!!

  2. ooo....that is rather irresistible! YUM! The bear is cute and your glove idea is great!

  3. Wow - you have been busy...me too. I love the gloves and the bear is sweet - did you make the body as well??? you are so talented.

    hope all is well

  4. ooo, I like the fingerless gloves. Where else are you selling them besides your local markets?

  5. Thanks all!

    I crocheted the bear body & head with one yarn, then the arms and legs with another, then sewed them all together.

    If I can get more than one set of fingerless mittens finished (I'm hoping for a dozen), they'll go to a local boutique. Not enough, then I'll put them in my etsy shop.

  6. I love the fingerless mittens! I need a pair of those. :) Mmmm...cozy!


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