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Blog Carnival – School Time!

August 27, 2010

EtsyBloggers question:

1) School time! What is your favorite memory from kindergarten or taking your kids to kindergarten?

Well, I don’t remember my own kindergarten experience.  At all.  So… as far as my kids go – when they were little I had to send them to a private kindergarten.  That was in 2000 & 2002.  At the time, kindergarten was not mandatory in New Hampshire and the town where I lived didn’t even have a public kindergarten as an option. 

At first, I sent them because I wanted them to have an academic edge (yes, yes, I know, was pushing my kids too early), but I quickly learned that at that young age, socializing was most important (see!  I learned).    It was a fantastic experience - but really, I wanted to write about something else here.


Our town got a public kindergarten!  To make a long story short, I encouraged my husband to do something about the things he didn’t like in town -- he volunteered, then campaigned, ran for a position on the local School Board and worked with others that had been trying for decades to get a public kindergarten.  (I’m proud of my guy and all the hard work he does for our community.)

In 2004, voters passed the proposal during voting and in the fall of 2006, the school opened.  Since then, NH became the last state to require public kindergarten.  It’s still the only state that doesn’t require adults to wear a seat belt.  “Live Free or Die


  1. In Singapore, K school is not compulsory BUT there's a govt funded thing which employs people who go after the parents who don't send their kids to K school. For the poor, K school is practically free. I agree with you about the socialising bit. I was more concerned my kids learn to play and interact with other kids than academic.

  2. wow! That's great! I'm so proud of your DH! People really need to take charge because things don't change that easy. I think it's important for the kids to socialize too!

  3. How wonderful of your DH to volunteer and get the kindergarten in place!
    Don't feel like you were pushing your kids...I went to two years of preschool before kindergarten!

  4. That's so wonderful what your DH did! So many people just talk about change and it's so inspiring when someone makes change happen!

  5. That's wonderful! You should be proud, indeed!

    (Re: Seat belts: Maybe they should change the motto to "Live free AND die"?) I hope people buckle up anyway, and especially make their kids do it.


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