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August 25, 2010

As an EtsyBlogger team member, of course she blogs - here.  To me, it’s exotic to read about people from around the globe.. and at the same time realize everyone is similar – wanting to find local sources for materials, making “to-do” lists and being creative.  Her jewelry photos are beautiful and you should see her origami!  Patch also writes about her life over at Patch’s Diary and I think I’ll be stopping by there more often.

Am I the only Etsy seller with only one shop?  It’s beginning to seem like it!  This lady has three!

Jewelry shop -

Vintage shop -

Supply shop -



My fave from her jewelry shop, because this is my birthstone:


From her supply shop, I thought this was so unique… check out these origami flowers made from Thai Lottery Tickets.  Beautiful.

origami lottery tickets


Stop by Patch’s blog & shops and get a taste of some of her exotic beauties for yourself!

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